15m Colour Changing Light Show Tree


Colour changing tree lights up the city

Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the most interesting and exciting shopping experiences in the world. Its modern, spacious and bright environment is a major tourist destination, attracting more than 50 million visitors a year

To inject some excitement into their holiday decor the centre took the bold step to move away from tradition by commissioned a ‘one of a kind’ modern colour changing illuminated tree.

Much of the inspiration for this spectacular tree came from the giant reindeer sculptures exhibited in the centre the previous Christmas, designed by Iain and installed by Simon.

“We had such fantastic feedback to the reindeer” said Meredith Vlitas, Senior Marketing Director for Toronto Eaton Centre, “what we really wanted to do was have a Christmas tree that integrated visually with the reindeer so hence the aluminium and the LED lights and the very bright, warm vibrant colours.”

Technical Drawings of the Colour Changing Tree

Technical Drawings of the Colour Changing Tree

Toronto Eaton Centre kicked off the Christmas season with a tree lighting ceremony to unveil the new, awe-inspiring tree. The impressive 15m / 50ft tree centrepiece featured a dramatic light show attraction. The colour changing bright LED lights were controlled by DMX to present a theatrical display with an arrangement of coloured illumination.

This visual spectacle harnessed the very best of contemporary lighting technologies to create a magical rainbow of lights that continually changed colour. The client had the facility to change the effect on a daily basis.

This huge tree with its bright lights attracted a lot of attention. It’s non-traditional shape and use of coloured lights promoted debates with those who preferred the good old-fashioned green foliage tree versus this unique artistic interpretation. It certainly became a talking point in Toronto.