Contemporary Canopy Tress With LED Lights

Focus On The Future

Creating a vibrant, modern atmosphere

Creative Director Iain Kerr has provided innovative design concepts and creative services to intu Eldon Square since it’s opening in 1976. At that time it was the biggest indoor shopping mall in Britain.

Newcastle is a city with a focus on the future. The recent £170m Eldon Square redevelopment project saw St Andrew's Way transformed into a modern, beautifully configured retail space. Attracting high profile brands and flagship stores to the region.

The innovative Christmas decoration scheme designed for intu Eldon Square acknowledged this vision by creating a vibrant, modern atmosphere. Contemporary Canopy Trees were designed specifically to work within the unique architecture; utilising the double height space and filling the width of the mall.

Avenue of Contemporary Canopy Trees

Avenue of Contemporary Canopy Trees

Arranged as an avenue of trees, these spectacular sculptural pieces sat within a tiny 80cm diameter footprint whilst standing a majestic 5.5m tall. With an impressive 12m wide span, the branches formed an dramatic LED illuminated display above the visitor’s heads.

The Contemporary Canopy Trees were dressed with oversized ornaments. These additional decorative elements were traditional in colour and style to appeal to all tastes.

intu Eldon Square is a focal point for shoppers in the North East, the bespoke Christmas decoration scheme added to it’s unique vibrant, modern atmosphere over the festive season.