Silver Shoppers Sculptures


Silver sculptures celebrate 25 years

intu Metrocentre celebrated it’s milestone 25th Birthday by commissioning a series of statuesque ‘Larger than Life’ silver sculptures.

Working in partnership, the creative team included Allan Cooke and Duncan McEwan of Hedley McEwan, along with Simon Dews who was tasked with creating the individual sculptural display pieces. The team met up and consulted with the client during the design, development and fabrication stages to ensure the vision was delivered.

Allan Cooke, Duncan McEwan and Simon Dews. 'What's in the Bag' 12ft molten silver bag.

Allan Cooke, Duncan McEwan and Simon Dews. 'What's in the Bag' 12ft molten silver bag.

The event was launched with a huge ‘What’s in the Bag?’ illuminated display piece. The impressive 3.65m (12ft) tall molten silver bag, promoted as one of the biggest shopping bags in Europe, was used as a focal point for a host of competitions and marketing events.

Simon coordinated the logistics of transporting the super-sized bag sculpture to site and managed the installation during the night.

A set of fourteen shopping figures were also commissioned. Scaled up to be 25% larger than life to give a sense of stature and drama. Each featured a shopping bag to continue the silver anniversary theme, supporting the centre’s monthly ‘What’s in the Bag?’ competition.

Shopping figures

Shopping figures

During the celebratory year a variety of events were held on the 25th day of the month to coincide with the unveiling of each new piece. Installed at various locations throughout the centre the sculptures added moments of interest and on mall theatre.

The iconic silver shoppers art installations have remained in place long after the 25th Birthday promotion ended. Attracting the attention of visitors to the centre along with children who love to stop and interact with them.

Trapeze Creative provided specialist support regarding the refurbishment of this permanent art installation. Ensuring the quality of the presentation is maintained for all to enjoy in future years.