Low Level Ceiling Lighting Display


Innovative illumination effects

Since Bluewater opened in 1999, Iain Kerr has been the design inspiration behind its innovative Christmas decoration display schemes.

As Europe’s leading retail and leisure destination, Bluewater brings the magic of Christmas to life. It celebrates the start of the festive season with a spectacular Christmas light switch-on.

Iain and Simon were asked to design and develop a series of unique illuminated products specifically to work within the architecture at Bluewater. 

A range of products were created to suit specific locations within the centre. Ceiling lighting displays lit up the low level areas. Multiple light chain curtains illuminated the high level malls and the balcony sides were dressed with bespoke arched units.

Each product was developed to have a distinctive character to work within the unique retail spaces. Reflecting the individuality of the malls, three different effects were presented in each of the three zones,

LED Light Chain Curtains and Balcony Side Units

LED Light Chain Curtains and Balcony Side Units

Designed for ease of fitting and maximum effect, the low level ceiling lighting was constructed from branches of LED foil lights. Dressed in a colourway and style sympathetic to the individual location, this illuminated canopy added to the magical ambiance.

A series of LED light chains, layered for maximum impact, dressed the high level malls. The multiple light chain display transformed the ceiling with depth and illumination. Their bespoke decorative top bar and dressing detail coordinated with the visual look of the area. Elegant balcony side pieces featured leaping reindeers, snowflake and decorative trees to match the mall styles.

Illuminated using the latest LED lighting technology, colour changing tape light allowed all of the pieces to be controlled via a DMX system, changing the ambiance of the area and creating a festive feeling around the shopping centre.