Super-Sized Bauble Stack Sculpture


Bigger and brighter than ever before

With Bristol’s reputation for arts and culture, the commercial Christmas decoration scheme proposed for Cabot Circus had to be creative and spectacular.

Cabot Circus is one of the largest retail-led city centre urban regeneration projects in the UK. It is an exceptional retail environment with leisure and residential space integrate seamlessly with Bristol city centre. The Quakers Friars area, set around a vibrant piazza with contemporary fountains and restored medieval buildings, offers fine dining and cutting-edge fashion.

When we were commissioned to provide Cabot Circus with an innovative design we had to think big, really BIG! The creative concept was to provide iconic Christmas decorations that were bigger and brighter than ever before. 

Super-Sized Bauble Stack

Super-Sized Bauble Stack

Bespoke decorative pieces were designed to be suitable for external use. Sculpted on a monumental scale they featured super-sized baubles, giant reindeers, towering trees on aluminium trunks and projected images.

The super-sized bauble stack situated in Quaker Friars became the focal point to the festive celebrations. This giant bauble pyramid became synonymous to the centre during the festive season. 

This iconic Christmas display at Cabot Circus was unique and a real show stopper. Attracting crowds and receiving attention from passers-by who promoted the centre via photographs of the decorations posted on social media sites.

Utilising emerging technology, the decorations were illuminated with 127,000 bright white LED lights. By using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) rather than conventional bulbs 80% power saving was achieved, echoing the scheme’s many sustainable features.